Nikon "Premier SE" or "Superior E" 10 x

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Nikon "Premier SE" or "Superior E" 10 x

Postby Greg Sargeant » Mon Jan 09, 2006 5:21 am

I love these binoculars. The styling isn't the slickest, they look about the same as the low-end sportsters, but the optics are at least as nice as any of the other big name binoculars I've looked through. Porro prism design may not be as rugged as some roofs, but they are substantially cheaper then binoculars of similar quality. I paid $499.00 for mine and have been using them for 3 months. My only reservation is the sluggish focusing mechanism, evwerything else is just fine. I use these interchangeably with my Swarovski Habicht 8x30's depending on the type of birding I'm doing. I had put them up for auction on eBay figuring I needed to raise $$$ for a new scope but I immediately regretted it. Luckily no one bid on them ($599 starting price) so I guess I get to keep them.
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Postby cesare » Thu Mar 02, 2006 9:16 pm

You got yourself what is arguably the finest binocular, optically speaking, made in the world today. And you got it for a steal, to boot. They normally sell new for $300.00 more than you paid for them. People who know optics will tell you that you can't buy a 10x roof prism binocular for ANY price which is optically as good as the Nikon 10 x 42 Superior E porro prism. A few years ago I read an article in "Sky and Telescope" magazine written by a Binocular expert. He was rating binoculars for astronomical use and in an aside he stated that the Nikon 10 x 42 Superior E was optically the best binocular he had ever tested and was the standard he used in evaluating other binoculars.

When I go Hawk watching I use the binocular it replaced. The Nikon 10 x 35 E II porro prism. Alas, it is discontinued, but it is also a superb binocular. It is without question the best binocular I have ever used for watching hawks and eagles that are high and distant. I spend alot of time at Hawk Mountain in Eastern Pa. and although there are many birders there more experienced than I am I can see all the field markings they call out when they are IDing a raptor.

If you ever decide to sell them pm me. If you haven't used them to beat to death an enraged Cassowary I'll be interested.

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Postby cesare » Sat Apr 05, 2008 3:48 pm

I thought I would update this thread.

Nikon has discontinued their line of premium binoculars: The SE's and the LX L's (aka HG L). They are being replaced with the more expensive EDG (pronounced edge) line. Eagle Optics still has some 10 x 42 SE's (porro prism) and 10 x 32 LX L's (roof prism)left and they are selling them at a substantial discount. I have both of these binoculars and I can tell you that they are both outstanding!

If you would like to own a 10x that is as good or better than a Leica, Swarovski, or Zeiss at less than 1/2 their price, now is your chance. There aren't many left.

I am not associated with either Nikon or Eagle Optics. I have done business with Eagle. They have a great no-fault 30 day return policy and give excellent service.


Post Script:
You don't have to take my word for the quality. The link below compares the Nikon HGL 10 x 32 (Same as LX L) and the Nikon SE 10 x 42 with the LEICA 10 X 42 Ultravid, Swarovski's 10 x 42 and 10 x 32 EL's and Zeiss Victory 10 x 40. It is from the 1/04 issue of the Finnish Birding Magazine "Alula." It is written in English.
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