The Small Gulls of North America

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The Small Gulls of North America

Postby Greg Sargeant » Sat Feb 04, 2006 11:53 pm

Small Gulls of North America

Ordered this video from ABA sales and I am very impressed with it. It contains 3 hours of video footage featuring each species of small gull that you might expect to encounter in the US. Despite some amatuerish transitional effects and cheesy music, the the production is pretty good. Sound could have been better but it was adequate. The video was able to deliver where it counted however, and that is in the area of providing excellent video footage of gulls and illustrating how to ID them. The video goes covers each species in all plumages, tackling ID for each. Especially helpful are the side-by-side comparisons of different gull species, pointing out the relevant ID features which seperate them. RI gullers might be especially interested in the comparison of the Kamatcha and Mew gulls. ALthough I would have preffered a DVD version, it was definitely worth the $35 I paid to ABA sales. And yes Jim, there is one on Large Gulls.
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Greg Sargeant
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Postby Jim B » Sun Feb 05, 2006 2:59 am

Cool, I'll get it. My wife learned long ago not to let me pick out the movies but she'll be off on business for a bit. ....

Does the movie address the extralimital gulls our dreams are made of? It must cover Ross and Ivory Gulls but does it get into questions why there are so few breeding Ivory Gulls compared to their overall population ?
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