With close to 1,000 bird species in Australia, birders travel far and wide to catch the call and get a glimpse of their beloved feathered friends. Modern-day twitchers armed with binoculars and cameras flock to these top ten bird watching sites in Australia.

1. Scenic Rim (Queensland)

Around 300 bird species feed and breed in the Scenic Rim area. Here, you can see all species of raptors, including the wedge-tailed eagle, along with lyrebirds, bowerbirds and black cockatoos. The Feathered Friends Trail is an initiative by the local tourist board to assist tourists to locate and view birds.

2. Broome Bird Observatory (Western Australia)

The best time to visit the Broome Bird Observatory is between March and May, when more than 100,000 shorebirds, migrating from China (6000 kilometres away) pass through the observatory to land on the mangrove shores. The Yellow Chat is another fascinating and exciting species to look out for.

3. Mission Beach (Queensland)

Australia’s second-largest bird, the Cassowary, is a captivating bird species to find in the wild. Mission Beach is one of the best places in Queensland to see these huge birds that resemble an overgrown turkey. However, keep your distance – the birds are not very friendly to people.

4. Lord Howe Island (New South Wales)

This little island has a high population of nesting seabirds and is a World Heritage area, where all wildlife is protected. Look out for the curious petrels, watching people climbing Mt Gower, and, the flightless woodhen, pecking through the rainforest.

5. Eyre Bird Observatory (Western Australia)

Established in 1977, this remote observatory is a marvellous historical site for bird watching and research. Visitors can assist with banding or participate in bird studies or count shorebirds. The research station is found in the Eyre Telegraph building, which was built in 1897.

6. Gluepot Reserve (South Australia)

Described as a bird conservation miracle, the Gluepot reserve located in the Riverland area, is home to 18 endangered bird species. The reserve is one of the best places you can see the scarlet-chested parrot and the black-eared miner.

7. Kakadu (Northern Territory)

Kakadu National Park is home to 280 bird species, especially waterbirds, which are attracted to the billabongs and vast wetlands. Key species to look out for include: brightly coloured kingfishers, magpie geese and large-billed pelicans.

8. Bruny Island (Tasmania)

More than 12 unique bird species can be found on Bruny Island. The Inala Reserve, a 1500- acre property situated on the island, is a prime birding spot with 95 species, including fairy penguins and other six endangered birds.

9. Daintree Rainforest (Queensland)

Without a doubt, the Daintree region is Queensland’s birder’s paradise. The rainforest is home to more than 400 bird species, including 9 Australian Kingfisher species, as well as, herons, parrots, robins, cassowaries and honeyeaters.

10. Chiltern (Victoria)

Located southeast of Australia, Chiltern is a premier birding location with over 200 species spotted regularly. The national park is ideal for camping and hiking too. Visit during spring to see the square tailored kite, turquoise parrot, barking owl and regent honeyeater.

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