One of the reasons that bird watching is so popular is that it is an activity which can be done outdoors with groups of friends or family. In any part of the world, there are ample opportunities for bird watching. And the rewards of bird watching are great – a chance to observe some of the very most beautiful animals on Earth! There is little which can compare to the sight of an eagle flying through a canyon or a hummingbird feeding from wildflowers. It is always a wonderful thing to see a group of bright blue jays roosting in a tree – bird watching is indeed a very rewarding hobby.

You don’t need any specialized equipment or knowledge to get into bird watching, although it is certainly true that they can enhance your bird watching experience. Even from a chair by the window, it is possible to watch birds, though others will hike all over the globe to catch a glimpse of some exotic specimens. Bird watching can be done with the unaided eye, but many choose to use binoculars in order to get a closer look. For research, there is a wealth of information at your local library.

Bird Watching Is Not Science

Though those who are serious about bird watching may know a lot about birds, they are by no means scientists, nor do they use scientific methods to study birds. They simply enjoy watching birds and listening to their songs. The bird watching enthusiast leaves the science to ornithologists and just enjoys the view. Some travel the world, while others go only as far as their back yard in the pursuit of bird watching. Early morning is one of the best times to observe birds, so bird watching aficionados will often wake quite early to see which birds are up and around that day.

The Fascination Of Bird Watching

If you are not already a bird watcher, you might wonder why people find them so fascinating to observe. Flight is one of the biggest reasons – it is spellbinding to watch a bird as it takes wing. While you might think all birds are the same to observe in flight; there are in fact thousands of different species, each unique. Bird watching has a long history – the Romans used bird flight and calls as a means of divination.

Bird watching also offers people a chance to reconnect with nature. Birds are everywhere and no matter where you live, you can take up bird watching. These animals more so than almost any other share our habitat – giving people many opportunities for bird watching. Every part of the globe has its own special types of birds and habitats.

Bird watching enthusiasts will sometimes maintain a diary of birds they have seen. Others choose to join the many organizations, both national and international which are dedicated to bird watching. Bird watchers will meet with others who share their hobby locally to share information and sightings. These organizations can keep bird watchers in the know about which species to look for.